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Scott & Ella | About Us

Scott lifts Ella from the ground with the snow-covered peaks of Jade Dragon mountain behind

We want to Immerse you in China's living history and tradition! To create the closest thing to being in China without actually being in China.

Hey there!

I'm Scott, a filmmaker from the UK. I love unraveling stories that no one else is paying attention to. Stories that should be heard and people that should be recognised.

  • 8 years filmmaking

  • Multi-million to no-budget projects

  • Speaks English & Chinese

  • Insatiable love of mountains

Scott loads a glass filter into a camera, black and white

I'm Ella, a YouTube presenter, 小红书 influencer and Chinese teacher from Henan, China. I love talking with strangers and listening to what they have to tell.

Ella looks cooly off into the middle distance
  • Combined social following of over 40K

  • Qualified Chinese Teacher 🥇 (Confucius Institute)

  • Speaks Chinese & English

  • Kids, animals and nature help keep my world pure

Our Mission

To remind people of the value of people and to celebrate our humanity. ~

If you feel there is a disconnect between media portrayal and the real China, You want to meet humans with valuable experiences, dreams and individuality, You believe in the unique power of language to create and deepen understanding, Then maybe you think a bit like us. ~

Join us on this adventure we call life, as we try to appreciate everything to the full and courageously know our true selves.

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